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Edward Torgerson, Organizer
NSOChamber Google Voice (224)366-0468

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Open and Informal Chamber Music Play-Ins

7:15-9:30pm Thursday April 3rd
Evanston Masonic Temple (Ted Kruzich host)
1453 Maple Avenue at Lake Street, Evanston, IL

7:15-9:30pm Tuesday April 8th
Lutheran Church of The Holy Spirit  (Nancy Fencl host)
30 Riverwoods Road, Lincolnshire IL

7:15-9:30pm Thursday April 24th 
Unitarian Church of Hinsdale (Jeff Teppema host)
17 West Maple, Hinsdale IL

Chicago Area Chamber Musicians' MeetUp Group- Open and informal chamber music play-in sessions.
rsvp to Ed Torgerson at

We now have two pianos at Evanston, Hinsdale, & Lincolnshire!

I'll set up the first groups and you can mix it up from there based on who comes. Let me know if you have a group or are looking for a group that wants to work on something specific.

Although we encourage BYOM (bring your own music), I have sheet music and portfolios for trios, quartets, and quintets for winds or winds and strings, piano trios, quartets, & quintets. I also have string octets, sextets, and most combinations of trios, quartets and quintets. I also have flexible mixed instrument arrangements and some brass quartets and quintets. My sheet music collection is large and varied enough to cover any potential absences. <click here> for a current listing of available parts.

The Northwest Symphony Orchestra Association is scheduling a number of chamber music open house Play-In sessions using the Amateur Chamber Music Players guidelines ( These and additional events such as parties and performances will be announced on ACMP's network, Chicago Area Chamber Musicians Meet-Up Group Page, and posted here. Several rooms will be available for ensembles ranging in size from duets to chamber orchestras. Play-Ins are open to members and non-members alike on a pre-registry basis, process to be determined. Non-members who are not sure who to play with or what to play can check out the ACMS self-rating system and include that in their registry for assistance and read the repertoire suggestions below.


Musicians are encouraged to bring their own sheet music. Pieces to be played are determined by the musicians attending and may be pre-determined or changed as they see fit. Public domain music is also available for download at the IMSLP Petrucci Music Library.

Pianists: You may be with a string quintet, quartet, or trio for the first session. If you are unfamiliar with the repertoire, I would suggest Schubert's trios, Mozart’s quartets, and woodwind & piano quintet  and Schumann’s Quintet with strings. You are encouraged to try to organize your own group for the second session. See the repertoire list for parts that I have printed out.

String Players: Let me know if you are more comfortable being placed in a group with easier-to-read material. I now have several portfolios of intermediate level quartets and arrangements. I would suggest starting with the public domain quartet albums of Gruenberg Sitt, and Pochon, Haydn's Opus 1 & Opus 2, and Mozart's K155-157 & K168-170.

I have assembled a large and growing library for many different ensembles at a variety of levels, (click here for lists by ensemble.) I also have many digital libraries from CD Sheet Music and the Clarinet Institute (see below). Additionally, I also have arrangements for mixed duets, mixed trios, and string quartets by Last Resort Music.

Due to the size of the library, I will not be able to bring everything to each event. If there any pieces that you would like to try from the library lists below, please request them in a timely manner and I will be happy to print out and bring them.

Printed and Published Libarary List by ensemble (portfolios, collections, & individual works.

Digital Libraries

The Northwest Symphony Orchestra is an all volunteer orchestra.
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